Having a mouse to interact with a computer sounds as natural has our hands to eat, but then when the Sixth Sense guy Pranav Mistry thinks of this, you get mouseless! Pranav along with a couple of his colleagues Patti Maes and Liyan Chang has outed this concept that does away with the mouse and replaces it with actually, Nothing!

Using a IR Laser, Camera and some code magic, this thing can read your hand/finger making gestures or movements on the table top and interpret them. And whats really cool about this project is that the prototype seen here costs just $20. So this might well be a

technology you would see inbuilt in future notebooks, afterall who wants to carry a external mouse for ever with a notebook? The mouse gestures and scrolling like the Magic Mouse guess would just be a little piece of software addition to this technology. Promising, exciting!
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