The suspense over the price of Microsoft’s new game controller (without a controller!) system, Kinect, has ended. Microsoft has officially revealed both the price as well as the release date of the device. The controller, which lets users play games on the Xbox 360 by just moving their arms and legs (and in some cases, facial expressions), will hit stores on November 4 and will retail for $149.99, and will come with a free game Kinect Adventures, which we are told is worth $50 on its own. Gamers will also be able to get a Kinect with the new slim Xbox 360 for $299. On the surface, it does not seem like too bad a deal, really, except for the fact that the console will have only 4 GB of storage, so one will end up spending a fair bit more on one of those hard drives.

Now, we are waiting for what the Sony and Nintendo camps will come up with.