We should have seen it coming. After letting the likes of Samsung, LG and INQ boss around the mobile social networking segment, the big N has finally shaken itself up and come out with what we think is a really terrific device for those looking for a value-for-money phone that will keep them connected to their networks and do a lot more besides. We are talking of the Nokia C5, which on paper, seems to be one of the best value for money propositions we have seen from the company.

On offer are features are A-GPS with turn-by-turn navigation, push mail, a dazzling 16.7 million colour display, out of the box support for a number of social networking sites

, a 3.2 MP camera and all significant connectivity options barring Wi-Fi. Oh, and before you start wondering, we  hasten to add that it runs the trusty Symbian Series 60 (3rd edition, FP2) OS, the same that makes the E series tick away efficiently, rather than the much-maligned Series 60 (5th edition) touchscreen OS.

All this in a stainless steel hood that tips the scale at a featherweight 89.3 grammes and would make most of the other players in the segment run for cover. And at a price of (bring on the trumpets please) – Rs 7,999. Yes, some might quibble about processor speed and lack of onboard memory (just 50MB which can, however be expanded to a very respectable 16gigs with an expansion card), but we really think that this device signals the arrival of Nokia to the mobile social networking battle. The 5233 and 5530 were decent devices, but this one really brings back to our minds the Nokia of not too long ago – solid as hell and not costing half the earth. Oh, and it looks good too.