T-Mobile had already demoed its 42 Mbps capabilities at the CES early January this year. Well as per the latest reports, Android smartphone manufacturers like the HTC, Samsung and LG are preparing to launch devices in the later part of the year which will be capable of supporting T-Mobile’s 42 Mbps network.

As of now, T-Mobiles network speeds in ideal situations is only about 21 Mbps, which is half of the 42 Mbps at its best. The new faster 42 Mbps network would be made available in upto 152 markets. T-Mobile has just announced that they would be shifting from the current HSPA+ networks to the new 4G LTE networks, though the date for the same has not been officially announced yet.Though market speculations suggest that the same will be launched sometime in the second half of this year.

With Verizon having launched LTE already, in the last quarter of 2010 and AT&T getting ready to do the same in the second quarter of this year; it will be interesting to see how T-Mobile goes about their launch. Also the fact that AT&T is about to acquire T-Mobile USA makes it all the more interesting.

Maybe AT&T has asked T-Mobile to hold its launch till its acquired and both the carriers launch the 4G LTE services together to maximize their reach and earn a better market share in the 4G LTE segment.

Via Gottabemobile