We aren’t sure why MAXX prices are as odd as Rs 3272 (numerology?), but that’s a 2.8-inch touch screen phone hitting the market. And it doesn’t run Android! MAXX is strategically targeting a gap between low cost phones and entry-level smartphones with the SCOPE MT150. At Rs 3272, the SCOPE is priced a little over some feature phones we have seen and at the same time much cheaper than any Android touchscreen (even with a resistive display) out there.

The MT150 is powered by a 1000 mAh battery, features 1.3 MP camera and is pre-loaded with licensed music and video on a 2GB Micro SD card. The OS is Java enabled bringing a host of apps like Opera, Yahoo Mail / IM etc and supports MP4 & 3GPP video formats. The phone also sports FM radio and bundles a sync software MySynch.

The design, price point and feature set looks promising to us, we would keenly observe how these pseudo-smartphones perform in the market.