Just three weeks after Google Plus opened its gates to users, the service has managed to garner over 20 million users. This makes the service way faster than either Twitter or Facebook to reach that mark. Earlier last week, Google had announced that Google Plus had crossed the 10 million users mark.
The latest figures are from ComScore which has revealed that in the UK alone, over 870,000 people had signed up for the service even at the time it was invite only. Another report by The Telegraph reports that Google Plus users crossed 19.93 million till July 19.
Another interesting thing is the fact that India, along with the US lead the charts when it comes to number of visits to the site. US, leads the pack with over 5 million unique visits, India is number two with over 2.8 million unique visits.
The ComScore report also adds that there have been very few websites that have managed to achieve such large numbers within this short period of time. They however also add that Google already had a nice 1 billion user base that already use its services so all the company had to do was to convert these existing users to log on to the service.
While these numbers certainly sound impressive, Google Plus is still way behind leading services like Twitter and Facebook both of which command a user base of 300 million and 750 million respectively.